What is a Naval Architecture Degree?

What is a Naval Architecture Degree?

Becoming a naval architect is a career that many will find is lucrative, and furthermore, in high demand. A naval architect is a professional engineer who is responsible for designing ships, boats, and other marine vessels including static offshore structures such as oil platforms, gas rigs, and wind farm bases.

A naval architect will be involved in designing, constructing and repairing these structures and in some instances will actually work offshore at times. Most naval architects work with merchant ships by helping to design, construct, and offer repair advice to keep the vessel running smoothly. These ships can often be oil tankers, cargo vessels and cruise liners.

A naval architect also works in designing ferries, whether they are passenger or cargo carrying vessels, military ships such as frigates, aircraft carriers, ships of war, and even amphibious tanks. A naval architect may also work on designing hovercrafts, tugs, fishing boats, search and rescue boats and speed boats used for recreational purposes.

So you can see that a degree in naval architecture is a must for anyone wishing to have a career in this field. Naval architects with a naval architect degree will have the world at their feet when it comes to employment and career opportunities. Not only is this industry much in demand across the United States, but also in all parts of the world where the demand for naval architecture is growing at unprecedented levels.

When you take a degree in naval architecture you will be enrolling on a course that will cover design, building, and repair of marine vessels. There will also be much in the role of consultancy in marine technology and naval architecture that is in great demand. Thankfully, the naval architecture degree covers a student for the role of becoming a consultant at a time in your career.

The naval architectural degree also covers the key skills* of sales, operations and marketing in this sector. Research and development is another key area where a naval architect may work and the degree will cover these points. Naval architecture involves a great deal of education and training as well, so this is another key area covered in your naval architecture degree.

Much will depend on the type of qualification and preference you hold as to where you will go in the field on naval architecture. You could excel in one area or have a broad range of knowledge spread across many areas.


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