What To Do With A Computer Science Degree?

What To Do With A Computer Science Degree?

What is the computer science degree about?

Earning a Computer Science Degree is what people usually achieve in order to work in the Information Technology industry.  Computer science degrees are said to be all about information, such as how to store information, how to process it, and how to process this information electronically. Generally speaking, the computer science degree and its programs may focus on mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing.  If you are interested in getting a computer science degree, it may open you up to a very diverse and new world of technological job opportunities.

These opportunities and careers available to students with the computer science degree vary since the computer science field links to several other fields.  If you have a Computer Science Degree, or are considering pursuing one, some jobs you may be interested in are:

Database administrator

A database administrator uses computer software to store and organize data. They deal with data like financial information and shipping record; making data secure and available to users.

Games Developer

Games developers are concerned about producing games. Depending on the company the game developer is working for, the games developed could possibly be played on mobile, handheld, computers, and other devices. The work of a game developer could include designing and creating, or possible programming and building.

Information Systems Manager

Information Systems Managers are also referred to as IT Managers (Information Technology Managers). They are usually responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing anything that has to do with computer activities in an organization.

Multimedia Programmer

What the multimedia programmer usually does is take the info required by the systems analyst and computer users and turn it into programming/computer language.  By doing this, the computer is able to solve problems and do tasks efficiently.

Systems analyst

Systems Analysts could be considered as the middle men between the user and what the IT professional produces because they often write what the user asks for, into technical terms. The system analyst digs out problems and looks for ways to solve the problem.

Systems Developer

The different stages of software development always require the attention of a skilled personnel and that is where the software developer comes in. He or she is involved with researching, designing, installing and testing software.

Network Engineer

Network engineers are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that staff, customers, clients, suppliers and everybody has a smooth operational communication network for maximum performance. They care of installing and maintaining communication networks within an organization and when necessary, between different organizations.

IT Consultant

IT consultants help customers/clients with issues they might have as it relates to IT and their businesses. The IT consultant is usually involved with giving advice to clients on how they might use the available IT to better their businesses.

Other Computer Science Degree Jobs?

That’s just the beginning.  There are other career options where computing could be combined with other skills and capabilities, though they may require you to have additional skills and knowledge:

  • Accountancy
  • Marketing
  • Being an IT teacher

Some other jobs where your  Computer Science degree would be useful include:

  • Geographical information systems officer
  • IT sales professional
  • IT trainer
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Technical author


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