What Degree Should I Get if I Want a Tech Career?

Bachelors in Computer Science

The influence of technology on human development and lifestyle has been astounding.  Given the rapid-paced world of tech innovation, it’s crucial to stay updated about the latest technological trends and devices to sustain a successful tech career!

For students who wish to quickly start their career in the tech field, there are several different educational paths available.  The high pay is not the only career perk, for technology creates an intellectually challenging environment, which is perfect for employees that are equipped with the right knowledge and training. 

However, what degrees should one pursue in order to nab that lucrative tech job?  Considering the wide scope that technology offers, there’s a wide range of attainable and useful degrees.

Bachelors in Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems

Technology is not only about machines, micro-chips and spare parts, it’s also about the human behavior and innovation.  This is one of the most appreciated and sought-after degrees that will introduce you to both the mechanical and idea-driven side of technology.  This degree is prerequisite for many of technology careers as well, so it definitely has its benefits.  Be it a support position or a technician role, you will need this degree to progress up the latter. Customer support associates/ specialists is another rapidly growing career which requires this very degree; this particular career is expected to have a huge growth of more than 14% in the coming 5 years.

Bachelors in Computer Programming

Today, with so many electronic gadgets that have become the go-to source for entertainment, programming degrees definitely have their own important place in the tech career world.  Leading companies seek programmers on an ongoing basis, and the pay is considerably decent, even for a beginner!  Graduates can potentially become skilled data-base administrators, upon program completion. The Dept. of Labor even foresees a massive 20% job growth for this career within five years.

Bachelors in Computer Science

The National Association of Colleges and Employer's has definitively announced this degree as the highest paid bachelor degree for the year 2010 and it’s applicability is still in-demand today.  One can pursue a lucrative career as a computer systems analyst, given its year-round demand for a variety of different industries; experts predict promising growth for this career during the next 20 years.

Master of Business Administration (IT)

This is another very promising degree that today more than 40% of youth are choosing.  The current opportunities for the people with this degree are supposed to grow by 17% in the coming 5 years.  People who pursue this degree will be able to excel in other business-related positions too, and not exclusively tech industry jobs.  Today’s worldwide tech companies are looking for people to come up with MBA, if they aspire to be managers in their respective fields.