Top Tech Schools in the Midwest

Top Tech Schools in the Midwest

There are plenty of choices for where to spend the next two to four years of your collegiate life, and knowing the basics behind each of your possible destinations is a great way to ensure you will find fulfillment in your future. The top tech schools in the Midwest vary based on programs offered, so a bit of research to match up their offerings to your interests is always the most productive way to go.

Midwest Technical Institute

Located in Springfield, Illinois, the Midwest Technical Institute is a prime mover and shaker in the education industry for providing not only a high quality education for its students, but is also recognized as a reliable provider for professionals entering the work force as engineers, research scientists, and mathematicians. Students here have the option of seeking a four year bachelor degree, a two year associate’s degree, or any of a variety of certificate programs available for short term ongoing job satisfaction and requirements. Graduates tend to find work opportunities before graduation, though this is not something the college promises.

Indiana University

The tech school branch of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, offers a high level of technical training that goes hand in hand with a larger campus setting. Students of the technical schools parcel with the other programs, and social life and connections are encouraged between fields. Students may decide to focus on engineering, applied mathematics, or advance manufacturing as part of their training. Other degrees include business management, applied sciences, and high degrees in more specialized fields through accredited master’s and doctorate programs. Alumni of IU have gone on to work for some of the largest innovators in the country.

Creighton University

Always ahead of the curve in consideration of applicable technological possibilities, Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska was the first institution of higher education to actually text message their students their acceptance to the school. Creighton programs focus mainly on IT related technologies, though traditional manufacturing and management degrees are available and widely desired by students. Creighton offers more than 50 IT related degree and certificate programs, and has started to make available it’s coursework in the form of online access through podcasts. Current courses in the Creighton IT fields of study include applications for smart phone technology, running programs designed to provide instant access for student records and program applications.


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