Technology Jobs in the Military

Technology Jobs in the Military

Technology and Military are two fields which are tightly intertwined. Since the beginning of warfare, those that developed more advanced military technology prevailed over those that did not. Military tech is the collection of equipment, vehicles, structures and communication systems that are designed for use in warfare*. Although used by the armed forces, at times many civilian technicians are needed to operate this equipment.

If you’re looking for a great variety of stimulating tech jobs in the military, you must first learn the necessary skills and requirements needed to obtain those jobs. You must also be aware that the featured high-tech equipment and training on military tech jobs are not found in most civilian jobs as it includes communications and intelligence analysis. Below are few of the most common technology jobs in the U.S Army with the following descriptions and job requirements.

Signal Officer

The duties of a Signal Officer include leadership with Signal Corps, making tactical decisions, and coordinating employment of Signal Soldiers at all levels of command. The person interested with the said military tech job must have an Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, and a series of tests for better understanding of weaknesses and strengths of doing Army jobs. They must also have self-discipline, confidence, intelligence, be both physically and mentally fit, and other necessary military tech skills. Compensation for this job can include housing, medical benefits, food, special pay, and vacation time.*

Cryptologic Linguist

A cryptologic linguist is responsible for the identification of foreign communications through the use of signals equipment. Since the information coming from foreign languages is vital to the U.S Army, the job is also crucial for the nation’s defense. If you think you’re capable of recognizing changes in transmission modes as well as providing translation and transcription expertise to analysts, then you may want to consider applying for this military tech job. However you must be prepared for the requirements of this job which include an Armed Services Vocation Aptitude Battery, passing of various tests and completing the Defense Language Aptitude Battery.*

Electronic Technician

An Electronic Technician can also work in the military, and doing so involves repair, maintenance, tuning, adjusting, and handling of electronic equipment for: sending and receiving messages, computer information systems, long range radar, and calibration of test equipment. The requirements for this military tech job include the possession of normal color perception, normal hearing, and U.S citizenship.

These technology jobs in the U.S Military have been and will always be taken seriously by the Government, and the country heavily depends on them when it comes to national security.  Through the right use of military tech and proper selection of technology workers or experts, the U.S will retain its status as the most militarily advanced nation in world history.


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