Tech News- March 2014

Tech News- March 2014

Bitcoin has Banks Shaking in Boots

With a lot of hullabaloo about who may or may not have originally founded the up and coming Currency Company, banks are more focused on what Bitcoin is all about. In fact, JP Morgan’s Chase has actually created a patent-pending system that will work similarly to Bitcoin with a lot of the same features, ostensibly so that they will be able to have a foot in the door if Bitcoin starts to take over the market.  Why are banks so worried about Bitcoin?  Because Bitcoin cuts banks out of the picture.  It completely does away with paper and metal money and turns it all completely digital.  No wonder banks are shaking in their boots.  They still have one advantage though.  Unlike Bitcoin, banks are FDIC insured.  We’ll be following this tech news as it continues to unfold.

Rainbow Smoke Wins Online Color Challenge

Here’s a fun piece of tech news: A recent online challenge for program designers to create images that use all of the colors once per pixel in a single image resulted in some amazing images.  The winner of the competition was a Hungarian computer programmer by the name of Jozsef Fejes.  The images used nearly 16.8 million colors per image and resulted in amazing images ranging from floral-like to pictures reminiscent of water color paintings.  He dubbed the results “rainbow smoke” and he designed the program to go through the colors in a sequence so that all the variations of red are placed and then the next color through the entire spectrum.  Although he didn’t know if he was making a program that would create beautiful images or eyesores, he succeeded and won the bragging rights as well. 

The Stick of Truth – Truly Amazing

If you’re not a gamer, this bit of tech news may be up your alley but it’s just so good we have to share.  The highly anticipated South Park game: The Stick of Truth, which had been stuck in development for a long time has finally been released and the reviews are excellent. It’s the perfect combination of zombie apocalypse and hilarious South Park writing that we love combined with quality RPG play.  The graphics are exactly like the show, and the hilarious characters will have you in stitches while the serious game challenges keep you busy.


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*(Rainbow Smoke)

*(Stick of Truth)