Tech Careers in Science

Tech Careers in Science

There are many highly lucrative tech careers in science that can be pursued that will also provide a great deal of personal satisfaction. A few of those which may interest you in your choice of a career are:

  • An Aerospace Engineer, who may also be known as a Design Engineer, Systems Engineer, or even an Avionics Engineer, performs a wide variety of duties. He is involved in the design and construction of airplanes, helicopters, missiles and spacecraft. He may be required to test these craft. He is also involved in research, and may evaluate materials and equipment,
  • A Biochemical or Process Engineer designs products using his knowledge of biology, chemistry and engineering. They are a problem solver with materials which interact with biological materials or humans.
  • Fuel Cell Technicians build fuel cell prototypes, calibrate equipment used for testing, perform preventative maintenance, and report the results of fuel cell testing.
  • Microsystems Engineers can be involved in the research, design and development of microelectromechanical systems. This can be something such as an internal medication pump for anti-muscle-spasm drugs or sensors that can detect when a parking spot is empty or full and relay that information to parking attendants.
  • Nuclear Monitoring Technicians assist physicists and other professionals in nuclear research and production. They collect and test samples of nuclear experiments. They check for contamination of humans, facilities, and environment. They may also use the job title of Radiation Protection Technician, Radiation Control Technician, Nuclear Chemistry Technician, or Radiochemical Technician.
  • Geospatial Information Scientists and Technologists evaluate and research trends and patterns in such fields as agriculture, health care, retail trade, or military intelligence.
  • Electronics Engineering Technologists assist in instrumentation design or digital signal processing. They help in product development, systems operation and manufacturing.
  • Robotics Engineers are part of a rapidly expanding career field and these engineers design and develop robots meant to be used in medical and industrial fields – the most innovative of technological developments used in medical research.

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