Should I Get a Master’s in Computer Science?

Should I Get a Master’s in Computer Science?

You may be considering continuing your education in order to get a masters in computer science. If so, congratulations! You are taking a very important first step toward the rest of your life. Here, we will tell you about just some of the benefits that having a masters in computer science could help you to experience. By now, you probably already know that such a program will take hard work, commitment, and money, but many of the benefits can outweigh the costs.

Higher Salary

If you are already working at a tech firm, chances are a masters in computer science could mean that you may be able to negotiate a higher annual salary. Normally, this could be from $5,000-$10,000 extra per year*. This may not be true of all companies, so you might want to check with the human resources office in your company. If you cannot find a raise at your company after obtaining this degree, then you very well may be able to finally get hired on by a more prestigious company, working at a higher level, and possibly making a higher salary.

Land That First Job

For some people, breaking into the American circle of computer science can be difficult if they are an immigrant. However, having a master’s degree from a prestigious American institution can help to break that wall down for them*. It may also help you to land your fist truly big job at a company that is not just a small startup company or with individual projects. If you have a master’s degree, some heads of HR may very well consider your resume first because you do have a degree, and a degree most often means that you have a greater knowledge base than other candidates.*

Prove Your Worth

Perhaps you want to pursue this degree even though you do not have an undergraduate degree in computer science. If you decide to go on and get a masters in this situation, just this step and level of commitment will prove to tech firms that you are serious about programming, design, or any other field that you specialize in. Taking this first important step can help you to get on track to starting a career in the computer science field, and enjoying all the benefits of that sort of position, including steady work, better pay, possible benefits, and more mobility.


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