What is Technology?

What is Technology?

The English language defines technology as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. This includes advances in computer technology, machinery, and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge and the expansion of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.

Tech News- March 2014

Tech News- March 2014

In March 2014, we've seen some interestign pieces of tech news. Bitcoin has Banks Shaking in Boots, Rainbow Smoke Wins Online Color Challenge, and The Stick of Truth isTruly Amazing.

Web Designer Software

Web Designer Software

Web design today is not all about doing code by hand. While that is still a possibility, there are several more options available to web designers. There is software made specifically for designing web pages that can be used by professionals and newcomers alike, like DreamWeaver. The software can be simple and direct as well as incredibly detailed. These will allow you to create entire websites without having to manage the coding. You just have to know the design and the tools in order to create your website and begin using it. You can find many options on the market that are reliable and capable.

Technology Glossary

Below are a few useful terms and definitions for people interested in technology.

Computer Programming Degree

A computer programming degree is a degree that teaches students how to program computers. Students learn how to build websites, how to generally deal with computers, and learn skills that can help them in other fields like engineering.

Computer Science Degree

Like a computer programming degree, a computer science degree teaches you a lot about computers. This degree teaches students more about how computers look and behind the science of these powerful machines. It is also very good for preparing students for careers in software engineering, management, and system administration.

Information Science Degree

Information science is the study of the application, analysis, and formation of digital information and technological systems. Students graduating with this degree are needed in most companies, ranging from government to law businesses.

Information Systems Degree

The skills to know how to both develop and maintain technologically based software can be learned by getting a degree in Information Systems. A career in Information systems requires someone who really loves technology, because you will have to constantly stay up0to-date on the newest technologies.

Information Technology Degree

This degree is similar to an information systems degree. Information technology (IT) is involved in the information systems themselves. They deal with servers, web-server software, server operating systems, and other related things.

IT Support

IT support is also known as tech support. People in IT support are often involved in fixing problems for companies. They may also be involved with customer support and helping with fixing their individual technology related problems.

Master of Business Administration

This is simply a master's degree in Business Administration. This particular degree is getting more and more popular. Students with this degree have learned about how to take a more scientific approach to management.

Networking Degree

A networking degree is a degree in which students learn how to make and maintain an effective network. You can also earn this degree online.

Software Development Degree

People graduating with this degree have a large understand or how software works, and likely can even make software themselves. This degree belongs in the category of Information Technology.

Technology Job

A technology job is basically just a job that has to do somehow with technology. Whether you have a degree of not, you could have a technology job.

Technological Trend

A technological trend is simply a trend in technology. Because the world of technology is constantly growing, some trends can be observed in what things are being developed.