New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Not all universities and technology centers offer the same level of education to students. Some academic facilities are more specialized and have programs that are more well-known than others. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology is a university that is viewed as prestigious and known for its many programs. When applying to New Mexico Tech, you must have a great academic record and references that help you secure a spot at this institution of higher learning.

Background and History of New Mexico Tech

This institution was first developed in 1889 and has a small enrollment that is about 1, 560 in size. This small enrollment results in high levels of competition among applicants vying for enrollment. The campus is located in a rural region that is spread throughout about 320 acres. New Mexico Tech uses an academic calendar that has semesters instead of quarters. This school is widely considered to be one of the best in the entire country and has a very well-known science and technology program. However, it offers affordable tuition that starts at $5,714.00. However, out of state fees are more expensive.

Mission of New Mexico Tech

This school was founded in 1889 under the premise that technology is an important aspect of education. The original name of this institution was the New Mexico school of Mines, but this was quickly altered. Now New Mexico tech is widely known as one of eth very best research institutions in the entire nation. Science and engineering are the fields in which this university excels from other institutions.

Academic Reputation

The academic reputation of New Mexico Tech is what attracts both students and employers to this university. There are many opportunities for students looking for co-op or on-campus employment with research facilities. If you are looking for a science and technological school that stands out, New Mexico Tech is certainly an option worth looking at.

Research Leader

This institution is a leader in research, excelling in the fields of hydrology, physics, geophysics, geological sciences, and petroleum recovery. When you are applying for acceptance into this university, it is suggested to apply for early enrollment. This is necessary due to the small enrollment and high level of competition.


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