New England Institute of Technology

New England Institute of Technology

Based in Rhode Island, the New England Institute of Technology first began offering classes in 1940 to serve the growing technological requirements of a growing nation. Radio was evolving, as well as home based appliances and television. Home entertainment and simplicity were becoming prevalent, and the future was just starting. New England Tech recognized a gap in the development of such innovations and what the possibilities might bring, so the school was founded on the principles of development and technical training.

Looking Toward the Future with New England Tech

New England Tech identified early on the need for trained professionals in the technological fields, as the first computers were beginning to form off of application principles of mathematics and engineering. The first computing machines, large as a house and with fledgling processing and memory capabilities, were coming of age. Over the next few decades, the computing powers increased, as did the stable of trained professionals able to build, operate and maintain this new technology. New England Tech was in the forefront, leading the way.

Courses in engineering began the journey, followed by project management, business acumen training, and related fields of study. A dedication to the future was made by the founders of New England Tech that is still in effect today- new horizons deserve new and fresh visions. It is this that New England Tech graduates bring to the table. Innovation and curiosity go hand in hand.

New England Tech Today

As one of the top rated technical institutes in the world, New England Tech continues to feed expert and highly trained professionals into the fields of science, technology, engineering, as well as research and development. Graduates can find jobs in a highly competitive work environment based on their training in the specialized classes offered by New England Tech. Thousands of students have graduated from their hallowed halls, moving onward to make a difference in the world.

New England Tech offers highly competitive degree paths for those who choose to enroll, with associates degrees, bachelor degrees, and master’s degrees, as well as a state of the art learning compendium available in online classes. The school offers nearly 40 technical and business programs, all designed to bring out the best in their students. Classes are offered with in depth instruction, and some master’s programs can be completed in as little as 18 months.


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