Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a university in Cambridge Massachusetts that performs research, often privately funded. Its focus is in the fields of physical science, engineering, language, social and national economics, biological studies and management structures. As the US became more industrialized during the 19th century, there became a great demand for industry to research and test models designed to improve engineering and the general economy.

The university offers programs in social sciences, engineering, humanities, architecture, health sciences, mathematics, political science and women's studies to name but a few. There are six individual schools within the institute: The Whittaker College of Technology, Health and Science, School of Architecture and Planning, School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, School of Engineering and the School of Science and Management.

The institute accepts graduates, undergraduates and professionals looking for further educational enhancements such as management, enhanced leadership skills, practices and improved ideas. Admissions also include freshman and Transfer students coming from other colleges and wishing to study at the university.

There are sometimes opportunities to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and gain financial assistance. Prospective students should check to see which criteria must be met to gain financial aid. The university is involved in a great deal of research and technology and attempts to develop innovative solutions for some of industry's biggest challenges. Some of these developments at the institute are both huge and ground-breaking.

For example, the institute, together with its sub-school of Science has helped to develop therapies that can improve the treatment of cancer patients. MIT has also addressed many of the needs of energy companies that have looked to find ways of acquiring cheaper electricity and gas. It has also helped energy consortiums to reduce carbon emissions and provide energy resources to remote clients.

The institute provides these services by innovative research and improved management methods.  It also works hand in hand with many of the world's leading research companies and institutes. MIT has also been a front-runner is the research business where new technologies and health strategies have been formed.

The institute uses schools in many fields including civil and environmental engineering, nanoscience, nanotechnologies, oceanography and marine studies. MIT much covers something in almost every field and any subject and will research extensively until a solution is found that will improve social, economic and political fields of life.


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