What is an Information Technology Degree?

Information technology

Information technology is the combined study of computing technology and information systems. The importance and use of technology is increasing every year. Information is instantly available online as many seek the resources it has to offer; for this reason, an information technology degree continues to be in high demand.*

A degree in information technology can offer a wide range of industries to work in. A few of these industries include health care, government, education, business, and science. An Information Technology degree focuses on many key areas including the following:

·         Database engineering, administration and maintenance

·         E-commerce development and security

·         Network design and implementation

·         Website design and programming

·         Computer and network security

An information technology degree can be earned in four years or less depending on factors such as previous relevant credits, full or part-time studies, online or on-campus, and self-pace or semester based learning. However, some areas of this field of study may require additional years of schooling.

Career opportunities in this field are numerous and include computer systems hardware analyst, network administrator and operating systems programmer. In addition graduates can have a career as a web master, information systems developer, computer systems analysts or a database administrator.

Information technology does not solely apply to computers, but also to the ever expanding field of mobile technology. Critical and analytical thinking are required skills for the specialized area of information technology. Also, being able to think and reason logically is a must as problem solving plays a major role in this field.

For anyone who thinks a career in technology would be a wise choice, they should consider a degree in information technology. This degree offers many skills and valuable assets. It is an expanding field with a growth rate of 6.1% every year.* Overall, information technology is a degree that can provide a lot of opportunity.