Indiana Institute of Technology

Indiana Institute of Technology

Graduation season is almost upon us and thousands of high school seniors around the nation are beginning to hear that question repeated over and over “What are you going to do?” It can be very difficult to decide what to do and where to go next. That’s why you should consider choosing a university that an offer a wide range of programs of study for you, to give you lots of options as you work towards your degree.

Whether you’re preparing to graduate high school this year or you’ve been out for a while and are looking to get into college while holding down a full time job, finding the right school is one of the most important deciding factors that will determine your level of success in college. Not only do you need to find the right school, you need to find the right course of study and the right methods, whether through online or traditional classes. Luckily, many schools such as Indiana Institute of Technology have many options that can fit most needs. If you’re considering going to a technical college, perhaps you should put Indiana Tech at the top of your list. Not only does Indiana Tech offer a wide range of graduate programs, but in the fields of technology and in other fields, but they also have a long list of activities that you can participate in or perhaps even get a scholarship to help pay for your studies.

Programs Offered

There is a wide range of programs available at Indiana Tech and the school has a comprehensive list of collegiate programs available to you. Many of these are traditional day time classes with 15 week semesters, but the school also offers accelerated programs with evening and weekend classes and shorter semesters on their accelerated programs. There is also the option of online and blended formats.

The programs offered at Indiana Tech include degrees in accounting, biomedical engineering, health care management, business administration management, marketing, communication, computer engineering, criminal science, electrical engineering, energy engineering, elementary education, fashion marketing, information systems technology, web design and therapeutic recreation, among many others. As you can see just from this short list Indiana Tech is a great school for a broad range of studies. 

In 2013 the school also added a law school to their degree programs in addition to the pre-law courses that they’ve had. This means that you can continue your law degree without having to transfer to another state university. This means a much simpler path to your law degree than you’ll find at other technical colleges.


In addition to the extensive list of study programs, Indiana Tech also offers a comprehensive list of activities and athletics. This means that there is a broad range of scholarships available to athletes.

For example, they have cheerleading, men and women’s golf, ice hockey, softball, volleyball, men and women's tennis, track and field, bowling, baseball, men’s lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, soccer for both men and women, band and basketball for both men and women. 

Online and Traditional

If you are not a recent high school graduate, you can still go back to college with the modern convenience of accelerated and online classes. Indiana Tech offers a wide range of possible classes which are offered in formats other than the traditional daytime classes and long semesters lasting 15 weeks. If you’ve been wanting to continue your education after a long time off, this is the perfect way to do it. You can also manage these options better while continuing to work part time or full time, giving you plenty of options to continue your education and get ahead in life.  As we all know, without a degree, finding a job that pays well can be difficult.  Even if you don’t have a degree in your chosen field, you’ve probably found that in the recession there is a lot of competition in the job market, and having some additional education can set you apart.

Many of the various degree programs at Indiana Tech are offered in both traditional course methods and online courses.  The traditional classes are great for high school graduates that are moving directly to college whereas the online option is a perfect way for someone over 23 to get back into college and work towards expanding their skills and level of college degree. In addition to the convenience of being online, these courses are also offered in shorter semesters of only five to six weeks long, making it much more flexible for someone holding down a full time job while going to college.


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