How to Become a Tech Teacher

How to Become a Tech Teacher

If you like to work with new technologies, as well as your hands, becoming a tech teacher may be a great option for you. The recent interest in STEM education fields has led to a great need for tech teachers from the middle school to college level. In some states, the need is so much so that emergency certifications are being offered. A tech teacher can help to prepare students for the next step in their career, from further education to entering the work force. If you want to learn how to become a tech teacher, read on.

Possible Fields

A tech teacher normally specializes in just one field. However, there are many fields that fall under the banner of “tech.” These can include shop teachers, engineering and design teachers, computer teachers, and more. Healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, business, and more may be included in these fields.* If you want to teach students at some level a practical trade or skill, chances are there is a tech teacher job for you out there. The first step in becoming a tech teacher is to find out which of these fields you are the most interested in, and what you would like to teach students.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for this job depend upon the institution, the level of students being taught, and the specialization. All tech teachers at the middle and high school level in the US must obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Education or related field and pass the PRAXIS. They may also be able to teach after passing an emergency certification test.* Typically, a tech teacher will be expected to go on to receive a Masters’ degree, no matter the level they are teaching at. At a college level, a masters or Ph. D. may be required.

Learning More

If you would like to learn more, ask a tech teacher in your area. They may be able to tell you about requirements, experiences, and more. Or, search for a college with a technology or a technology education program. A good place to start research may be your state department of education website.* From there, you may be able to contact a school offering such a program. Many of these school webpages have more in-depth requirement lists. When you find the right programs for you, apply! This is the first real step toward becoming a tech teacher.


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