How to Become a Software Engineer

How to Become a Software Engineer

To become a software engineer, a pupil should begin their studies in high school rather than try to wait until going into university. Studying computer sciences in class at high school is the head start one needs to get ahead and forge a career in this sector. Becoming a software engineer is still a job that is very much in demand and although many software engineering roles are contracted out, the role is very much needed and wanted in industries of just about every sector.

It would help if you enjoy programming and have a passion for writing and building web pages, formulas and scripting. It is essentially a career that goes hand in hand with those who are good at mathematics and science subjects. Math based subjects in school should include geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Many of us will remember from our school days how we used to hate calculus, but to have a passion in this subject is a good stepping stone to having a career as a software engineer.

Many engineering programs or computer science programs we might study in college or university will be heavily math-based. So, it's always worth considering taking another career path if you feel you just cannot come to terms with mathematics or science-based subjects.

Once you have completed your school years and then move into college you should aim to get a degree. Many billionaire entrepreneurs have made their wealth by dropping out of college, but this is the exception rather than the rule, so don't look at the successes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and think you can become a software engineer by just having a keen interest in math, computers, and some sciences. An entry level software engineer will have a very hard time getting a position in any company unless they can show four years of study at a computer science or math degree.

You will need a computer science degree if you wish to become a programmer of games, or even a designer. You would also need a degree in this field if you want to work for any of the top computing and technical companies in America; these include Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google and Intel.


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