How to Become a Computer Programmer

How to Become a Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are charged with writing the instructions or codes which guide the computer to perform specific tasks*. Software engineers will first and foremost design the software program. The programmers step in to convert such programs into instructions that can be executed by the computer. The programmer may perform such functions as the creation, modification, adaptation, troubleshooting and maintenance of the program so that the operations of the computer are not compromised at any point.

Educational requirements for the computer programmer

To be a successful programmer, there are educational requirements that may need to be met.  Several employers will look at a range of issues when looking to fill the position of a computer programmer. Bachelor’s degrees in Information Systems, Mathematics and Computer Sciences are some of the educational requirements they look for. Some may even prefer Master’s Degrees. However, if you are able to prove that you have had experience writing programs for computers, some employers may accept an Associate’s Degree or even an Undergraduate Certificate. When going for training as a computer programmer, you may want to prepare for courses as SQL, Database Management as well as programming languages*.

Career information for the aspiring computer programmer

The programmers concerned with computer systems will usually be charged with the duty of designing systems that are more like the “brain” of the computer. However, an application programmer, on the other hand, develops programs that allow the computer to perform several different functions.

Automation of programming functions also makes it possible for companies to easily carry out these tasks. Many programmers will assist software engineers in their work. Those programmers who are marketable, those who have wide experience in programming, and those who have skills suited to the specific needs of the companies in question may find employment more readily.

The computer field is one which sees rapid advancements every year. Hence, a programmer who wishes to remain relevant may need to keep himself informed by obtaining updated skills. With more advancement in experience and learning more appropriate courses, the programmer may  become an analyst, supervisor or even lead programmer. Those who wish to advance themselves even more through education may become software engineers, which may be more marketable. Depending on the specialization that the programmer chooses as he continues to attain more knowledge, he has the potential of being a project manager or even a consultant.

There are certifications that these professionals may opt for to enhance their work and credibility. These are available from a range of academic organizations and even professional bodies.

The average median salary of a computer programmer is $71,380. In the next decade, the job market for computer programmers is projected to increase by about 12%, which is average compared to other careers**.There are slight variations in the earnings of these programmers depending on what they do, where they work, and even their levels of experience.


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