Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

When it comes to the economy and high paying jobs, it is easy to see where the money is. Tech companies have some of the highest paying positions in the United States outside of management positions. From data architects to IT professionals, you stand to earn a significant amount of money every year by being employed in one of the tech job positions listed below.

1.  Data Architect

A data architect, or data modeler earns roughly $81,000 a year in salary.*1This is roughly average for tech job salary, and requires a good understanding of math and its application.*2 Central to a data architect position is the ability to conceptualize difficult to understand correlations between database systems, as well as visualize the numbers through charts and graphs. Constructing the framework for a database, data architects draw their name from creating virtual architecture.

2.  Information Technology Auditor

Though most auditors make on average $63,000, Informational technology auditors can make upwards of $80,000 in their field.*1These individuals are essentially computer detectives, responsible for investigating computer systems, and collecting information.*2 Information technology auditors are also responsible for consolidating resources within a system, and reporting on their findings. Making sure companies obey laws and practices, these professionals are paid quite well for their efforts.

3.  Database Administrator

Making on average $77,000, there are no end to the Database Administrator positions available.*1Using software to collect and organize information crucial to a business, the database administrator makes sure that data and information is secure and accessible. In addition, they are responsible for frequently troubleshooting problems that arise. Being central to the functioning of businesses, database administrators offer a stable position for those looking for job security.

4.  Systems Analyst

Earning $79,000 annually on average, the systems analyst is the person responsible for making sure all computer systems are running effectively.*1  Making sure that everything is working well, and drawing from significant experience with networking and technical solutions, the system analyst ensure that the company runs without a hiccup. From overseeing IT to deciding on the best software for a company, the system analyst is central to decision making when it concerns either computers or technology.*2

Though the above list is brief, it is a good start for understanding how much you can make in Tech, and how important tech people are to business. 


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