Google Glass Today

Google Glass Today

Technology is always moving forward, even when we are seemingly unprepared or not ready for it. However, more often then not these advancements have changed our lives, making communication easier, navigation simpler, and even shopping trivial. As devices like smart phones and tablets become commonplace in life, the next big question is, “what’s next?”

Taking our cues from apple, it makes sense to take a look at the Google Glass.  The Google Glass is a quasi-experimental device that fits like glasses around your head. Google glass works by displaying information in front of your eyes. It is controlled by an innovative set of options as well as by voice command.

What is Google Glass like today? What applications exist for Google Glass, and what are some of its practical applications? Let’s take a look at the individual applications that are helping to make Google Glass the next big thing.


Being wirelessly connected, Google Glass allows for a wide number of alerts to be sent directly to you from leading sources in news.*1 This means that communication about disasters can make its way to people very quickly, alerting them to possible harm and danger. In addition, it allows people with Google Glass to stay in the know, with tweets, alerts, and everything else being sent right to glasses as they go about their day.

Alternate Reality

An incredibly fun, useful, and potentially revolutionary application in Google Glass is alternate reality. By displaying data on everything you see around you, Google Glass has the ability to add additional layers of information and knowledge regarding whatever you look at. In addition, this alternate reality is used for fun by displaying what you see with unique filters that distort and enhance the world around you.*2

Public Speaking

From being able to receive real time notes to having everything you need to say scroll down your glasses, applications for Google Glass are revolutionizing how people approach public speaking. Now, with hands free from a podium or device, people are better able to be dynamic with their audience without fear of forgetting or losing their place.*1


A final interesting application of Google Glass involves communication. With numerous apps making taking pictures and movies easier, it has never been easier to record your perspective for others. And, as communication and social media continue to evolve, it is hard to understate how important this may be in the near future.*2


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