Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology is a public research University located in Atlanta, Georgia, with sister schools in Savannah, Georgia, Metz, France, Athlone, Ireland, Shanghai China, and Singapore. The Georgia Institute of Technology was founded in 1885 under the name Georgia School of Technology. The University was founded in order to help build a more progressive area in the Southern United States after the Civil War. When the Georgia Institute of Technology was first founded, it only offered a degree in mechanical engineering, but has since branched out into electrical, civil and chemical engineering degrees. The name of the University changed to Georgia Institute of Technology in 1948 to show the changes it had made from being originally a trade school, into a technical institute*.

The Georgia Institute of Technology is currently broken into six separate colleges, comprised of 31 units in all. The Georgia Institute of Technology has been recognized and awarded multiple times for its engineering, computing, business administration, architecture, liberal arts, and science degree programs. The main campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology is located in Midtown Atlanta, making it a short drive from North Avenue. The Institute boasts an incredible campus life, compromised of organized athletics and intramurals between the fraternities and sororities on campus. Perhaps the most influential sports program the campus offers is the national champion football team (the Yellow Jackets.)

The Georgia Institute of Technology recently earned an award for awarding engineering degrees to more women than any other institute since the year 2007. This accomplishment has aided the University in growing steadily, making it one of the largest schools in the area. In addition to this award, the Georgia Institute of Technology has been ranked #7 of the top schools in the nation. This ranking has lasted for longer than a decade, both for grades and overall classes.

The Georgia Institute of Technology is proud of their “prestigious academics, cutting-edge technological research experience, awesome campus life, fantastic career foundation and the award for being one of the top 10 public Universities*”

If you are looking for one of the best Universities for engineering and liberal arts in the country, this University is an incredible experience, both inside and outside of the classroom. There is no better University in the area for engineering, and the life on campus offers many unique and interesting activities to participate in outside of the classroom.


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