Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

Technology is becoming a popular field of study with a huge potential for advancement in the future. Technology now is a part of our daily life. It’s only logical to want to know more about the field that's a major part of our life. Georgia Institute of Technology has been sending out men and women that have been making ground shattering changes and contribution into the world such as Jimmy Carter, Charles "Garry" Betty, and David Dorman*.

Georgia Institution of Technology is ranked among the top leading technical institutes in the country by peers and credible publications. Aside from Atlanta and Savannah, the institute also has locations in France, Ireland, Costa Rica, Singapore, and China. The institute had been known to house research facilities that make numerous contribution to American business and government. To help you make a better decision, here are some insights into the school and school life*.

Getting into the school

While considering applying to Georgia Institute of Technology, deadline for applications is January 10 and early application October 15. The institute is among the most selective with an acceptance rate of only 54% and early acceptance is 60%. Although the numbers might seem intimidating, with enough hard work and dedication, anything is possible**.

Paying for school should not be a daunting task. Georgia Institute of Technology is a need-based school. About 66% of students at the school applied for need-based financial aid and about 43% received some kind of financial aid, and the average amount given is $9,385.

Academic life

Georgia Institute of Technology has an average ratio of 18 students to 1 teacher. Over 41% of classes have fewer than 20 students. Smaller classes may mean more personal attention from the teacher. Thus, it's no surprise that the school has a freshman retention rate of 94%**.

Started out as mechanical engineering, the school now is comprised of six colleges and offers a larger range of programs. Georgia Institute of Technology now offers degrees in architecture, business administration, engineering, mathematics, sciences, and liberal arts.

Georgia also offers graduate programs and research. The Carnegie Foundation had classified the school with Advancement of Teaching with high research activities. There are over 100 research centers, and they are continually working on innovations to better the life of everyone*.

Student life

There is housing owned by, operated by, and affiliated with the school. About 56% of students use school accommodations. On campus, there is 24 hour safety and security, controlled dormitories, and lights on the routes throughout the school. There are many services offered by the school such as health services, tutoring, and even daycare**.

In addition, there are many cultural and art events in and around the school. With a small Greek community in and around the school, Georgia Institute of Technology offers several clubs and social chapters. Clubs, activities, sororities, and fraternities are numerous to choose from. There are several things to do and much to keep busy**.



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