Earn Your Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Computer Science Degree

Technology and computers are part of daily life. The utility and significance of computers has moved at a fast pace. For creative people who wish for something innovative and life changing, then an excellent choice is to earn a bachelor’s in computer science. This career field can be great for anyone who enjoys working with technology. A Bachelor’s degree in computer science helps prepare students for cutting-edge and rewarding careers in system administration and management, software engineering, as well as research and development sectors. Graduates can also use their computer science background along with analytical skills for careers in law, medicine, education, humanities and social sciences.

Income of Computer Science Graduates

Those who are skilled at using computers can have great opportunities for growth and a high salary in this field. The salary of computer science graduates depends on a few things. The area of specialization and the subject you pursued for the degree are important factors in determining your salary. According to the *United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the initial computer science graduate degree salary of an individual with a Computer Science Associate degree from a University is about $46,000.

Students with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science can make an average salary of $70,000 to $90,000, based on the specialization, according to the *United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. A computer system administrator or a network administrator with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science statistically makes the lowest starting salary. The highest starting salary in this field is statically that of software developers.

With the advancement in technology, you will also notice an elevation in income, which can reach $100,000. With this degree, you can work in various areas, such as a computer and information research lab, at a technology company, or even at a university or government research institute.

How to Apply

The application method is very simple, but demands a lot of focus and attention. Even one small mistake can result in your application to be rejected. Given below is a step-by-step method for the admission application:

·        University Application Form

Carefully complete the application form available both online and offline with all the correct details and information. Do not add additional materials to the application like photographs or portfolios, unless asked to so. Unnecessary items are not reviewed and many become the reason for rejection.

·        Pay the Application fee

Applicants often need to pay an application fee after completing the form. This fee is often refundable, so do read the terms and conditions for applying. The cost of application depends on the school, program and applicant type. Payment of the fee can typically be made with a credit card.

·        Important Documents and Transcripts

All applicants must submit the official transcripts of coursework or higher secondary qualifications.  International students may need to provide some additional documents verifying their stay, qualification and English assessment skills. Transcripts must be submitted before or within a deadline.

Many industries in the world work with the help of technology. This can provide an abundant of opportunities. There are many colleges and universities who offer computer science degree programs for interested individuals.  

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