Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Audio Workstation

If you are a regular visitor of YouTube where people can just upload their own renditions of almost any song under the sun, then you probably know at least one YouTube sensation. There’s Lindsey Stirling – the very admirable, pretty, and extraordinary violinist. There’s also Walk of the Earth for their awesome rendition of Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to Know”. If you do not remember the name, they are the five-people band playing with just one guitar. They got so famous that eventually, you hear them plugging about having their original songs on iTunes and that music can be downloaded anytime you like.

Some of these YouTube sensations do not have the big and sophisticated equipment that the huge record companies have. Their recordings are typically raw, and some of them have programs such as Digital Audio Workstation that they use to polish any recording before they upload the videos in YouTube and their audio in iTunes, for example.

The Digital Audio Workstation

If you are one of those people who have the talent but haven’t been able to go main-stream yet, then you may start to be known from the comforts of your own home. You only need your camera (of course), a song piece, midi keyboard controller, mixer, microphones, monitor, computer, and of course DAW. DAW, or the Digital Audio Workstation, may be considered your one-stop shop recording company. It is very similar to midi sequencing software but with an edge of being able to record your own voice in it. Tracing back its history, DAW was initially invented to come up with a substitute for recording music and voices with tapes. Some people even describe it now as their virtual studio.

Buying Digital Audio Workstation

At first glance, a Digital Audio Workstation differs from another because a brand offers unique characteristics. Here are some of the brands that are popularly known to help people record their audio from home. 

Cubase - Cubase is a Digital Audio Workstation that is well known among the dance audio fans crown. Although this is typically favored by electronic music producers, programmers, and some beginners, it is known for its user-friendly features. In addition, people can edit their midi files with ease with Cubase. This sells around US $240*.

GarageBand – This is a Digital Audio Workstation that can be downloaded for free by Apple users. Some people prefer this because of its massive library of samples, loops, and software instruments. The downside, however, is it is not as flexible to use as the other software. This tool is favored by beginners who are learning towards creating computer-audio versus live instruments**.

Logic Pro X – People describe it as a Digital Audio Workstation that is a combination of Cubase and GarageBand with bonus controls that are typically used by professional audio recorders. It is an application exclusively for Apple Inc. and can be bought from Apple Store at around $199.99. It is favored by some electronic producers and programmers due to its competence in terms of running software instrument clips and programming them into the software. This is popular among Apple Inc. fans and electronic producers who are done using GarageBand for some reason***.

Digital Audio Workstations may be able to aid anyone with an interest in music who wants to take it to the next level. Its features and technologies make it easier to record music and add your own spins on it.



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