Database Administration Software

Database Administration Software

What is a database administrator?

A database administrator is an individual who can be defined as an information technology professional (IT). Database administrators are required by employers before hiring, to obtain a Bachelor’s degree or higher in engineering, Information technology as well as computer science.*

A Database Administrator has a number of responsibilities and tasks to complete in a day’s work. These include:

  • Making sure their software is compliant with their vendor licensing agreement
  • Communicating with vendor software for any technical support
  • Ensuring complete and optimal performance of the database
  • Providing any systems, storage and planning of future requirements for the database system
  • Installation and upgrading application tools of the database server.
  • Backing up database information on other storage devices.
  1. What is database software?

These responsibilities of a database administrator also entail the use of database software. Database software is referred to as any type of software that is used or designed for creating databases. Database software is also necessary for the Database administrator to manage information that will be stored in the database. Database software tools are primarily used by a database administrator to store, extract, modify and or search for any type of information in the database. The use of this software can be for a number of reasons and is not limited to one specific industry, and can be used for various tasks that range from organizing client documentation and medical records in a medical facility to keeping a record of accounts at your bookkeeping firm.*

Due to the numerous amounts of uses for database software, there have been many programs available. These are mainly but not limited to:

  1. Oracle
  2. Microsoft Access
  3. FileMaker
  4. Avanquest
  5. Delicious Monster Software

These database software products are relatively inexpensive and will not set the company back a lot. These are ideal for single user or a non-interactive web application. These popular applications can include, but are not limited to desktop solutions. These are:

  1. FileMaker Pro
  2. Microsoft Access

There are also software solutions that are specifically designed for server solutions.  This type of database software is used for heavy duty database applications. These applications are used if you plan to create a multiuser database or launch an e-commerce site. The server database gives optimum firepower and excellent performance. Unfortunately, unlike the desktop solutions, these programs will cost a high price. These database software programs are:

  1. MySQL
  2. Microsoft SQL Server
  3. Oracle

All of the database software is able to promote some type of web interaction if necessary. Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific need to use server database software, as opposed to desktop database software. The use of a server database software program does not necessarily perform better than a desktop database software program, if its intended use is for web interaction.


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