Computer Security and Investigation Degree

Computer Security and Investigation Degree

A computer security and investigation degree (or cyber-security degree) can really open up a lot of opportunities for you when it comes to your career or employment. These degrees basically allow you to be able to investigate and track cyber criminals. They may be hackers, thieves, or simple criminals. Here, we will talk about how a computer security and investigation degree could benefit you. We will also talk about what you need to begin a program to acquire such a degree, as well as options for your schooling if you pursue a cyber-security degree.


Earning a cyber-security degree can truly help you, as mentioned above, to become more upwardly mobile when it comes to your employment. It can also possibly help you to break into a career where you have steady work, and may be able to enjoy great benefits, work environments, and other perks that you currently do not get in your job. However, you should expect to work in a government or industry setting. The demand in the computer security field (which is constantly growing) is fairly high, and this trend is only expected to grow.*


Requirements to start an undergraduate degree program in this field are the same as most other undergraduate degrees. You must have a high school diploma, a high enough ACT/SAT score, and must have kept-up certain grades throughout high school. If looking to join a master’s program in this field, you may be expected to already have acquired a degree in computer science or related field. Both of these programs will focus on things like hardware, software, networking, media, security systems, technology, and possibly cybersecurity itself. You may have to also take collateral courses to build skills like programming, writing, and more.

Get Your Education Your Way

There are plenty of places to get your cyber-security degree. You may even be able to get this degree through an online program. Some universities or colleges may also offer degrees like this, either at an undergraduate or graduate level. Even technical schools and colleges in some areas may have programs that award a similar degree upon completion. For more information, locate a few of these programs and ask someone at the institution about things like requirements of the program, what you can expect in terms of cost, financial aid, and more.


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