Career in IT Support

Career in IT Support
Information Technology is such a broad and sometimes complex field, that there is plenty of opportunity to fill a role as an Information Technology Support Specialist. To start, there is the good old-fashioned Help Desk Technician/Desktop Support Technician or Tier 1 support.
Responsibilities for this person involve the initial handling of support tickets via phone, e-mail, and Help Desk software. They are also typically responsible, at least in part if not in full, for the maintenance, repair, and staging of workstations.
Beyond this, there are Help Desk Manager and System Administrators. This position is typically responsible for the corporate network (servers and workstations). Depending on the breadth of the department, they may also be responsible for handling network hardware (switches, routers, etc).
All in all, the lines between Systems and Networking can blend depending on the IT department, however once you go beyond that you start hitting particular specialties/niches. There are all kinds available such as Networking, Security, Infrastructure, Databases, the list goes on.
Along with schooling, an internship is a great idea to start your career. It is definitely a good way to begin gaining experience. It is also good to consider expanding your knowledgebase by obtaining certifications if you are looking to grow (A+, Network+, MCSA/MCSE, CCNA, GSEC, LPIC, <insert acronym here>).
Employment of computer support specialists is expected to grow 18 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Job prospects should be favorable. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree and a strong technical background should have the best job opportunities.*