The Best Technology Companies to Work For

The Best Technology Companies to Work For

It is safe to say that technology rules our world. It has taken over every aspect of life and evolved it. Simply put, technology has made things easier. It has become increasingly easier to communicate with family face to face from two different locations.

Regardless of how you feel about technology, it is here and always evolving into something new. If you are the type of person who loves how technology works, in love with the products certain technology companies manufacture and are looking to build a career in the technology industry, or change your existing one – we have a list for you. Because technology is vast in its own right, we have grouped the best technology companies, according to how their employees rate them and how well they have done from the time they began to present. We’ll give you a list of the top 4 best technology companies to work for today.


Leading the pack at number one on the list is Facebook. How is Facebook classified as a technology company you may ask? Outside of its location in the technology hub of Palo Alto, Facebook has changed the way we communicate and share information on personal moments in our lives, by using innovative software and technology. Facebook employees love working for the social media company. The company offers free meals, grooming needs like haircuts and laundry, all of which certainly build employee morale. In a Glass door interview employees felt that Facebook is always impact driven. This made it the number one reason to work there. The company strives for creating positive change and a stress free environment.*

2.Riverbed Technology

Riverbed Technology comes in second on our list. Riverbed Technology has won the InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award once again. Unsurprisingly, as this technology company is the frontrunner for application performance infrastructure and building WAN optimization solutions. The company produces the best breed of products in the industry, which makes it sought after by clients and prospective employees alike.


Google remains in the top 3 technology companies to work for. Googolplex is Google’s headquarters in which the magic happens. The amenities are unmatched. This technology company understands the work they demand of their employees is intense and because they work hard they can ‘relax hard’ too. The benefits of working for Google are free laundry facilities, day care program called Kinderplex, breakfast, lunch and dinner meal options, and on site medical staff. *


Last on the list is Rackspace. This cloud computing technology company is known to have a family focused work ethic which helps its employees – the rackers - have a well-balanced work and family life. Rackspace core values have always been a passion for their work, and encouragimg the rackers to treat each other as a family and be their one person. They want their employees to always feel valued and as a valued part of the team.


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