Augusta Technical College

Augusta Technical College

Choosing the perfect college to start achieving your career aspirations is a crucial decision that every new student must make, especially if you plan on entering any of the technical fields. And if Augusta Technical College is on your radar then you’ll want to spend a few minutes thoroughly digesting the information you’re about to read.

In this article we’re going to discuss three aspects of Augusta Tech that will help you to quickly and easily decide whether this is the school for you. First, we’re going to talk about the history of the school. Next, we’ll discuss its academic programs. And finally, we’ll finish up with activities of the student body.

After reading this article you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Augusta Tech is all about and if it’s the perfect school for you to start achieving your educational goals.

Historical Background

Augusta Technical College was established in 1961 as the Augusta Area Vocational Technical School which eventually emerged with the Richmond Area Vocational School during 1966 and became the Augusta Area Technical School. The school was again rebranded as the Augusta Technical Institute in 1987 and it eventually took on its existing name in 2000.

As a two-year community college Augusta Tech is supervised by the State Board of Technical and Adult Education and serves the educational needs of industry, businesses, and the general public within east central Georgia, which covers five counties.

Augusta Tech received its accreditation from the commission on colleges of the Southern Association of colleges and schools and it awards Diplomas, Technical Certificates and Associate of Applied Science Degrees.

Academic Studies

Augusta technical college provides a broad array of vocational training for which students can earn Certificates, Diplomas, and Associate degrees in the fields of business, healthcare, personal services, engineering and information technology.

Traditional classroom instruction is available in addition to online classes and distance learning. The college maintains a robust GED preparation curriculum, workplace and family literacy and English language courses. Classes can be taken throughout the day and evening hours. In addition, Augusta Tech supports a strong career and academic counseling department for its students.

Finally, Augusta Tech provides free counseling for disability and special needs populations struggling as single parents or the need to pursue alternative career paths.

Student Services

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing activities and services that empower students to achieve their educational, career, personal goals, and objectives. Departments that provide the necessary support services include:

  • Admissions
  • Career Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Financial Aid
  • High School Initiatives
  • Student Activities
  • Student Records
  • Testing Services

The Augusta Tech student body is encouraged to avail themselves of all of the services that these departments offer in order to ensure the successful completion of their academic program.


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